Televisionaries: The Televisionaries 12"

Reel Time Records

$6.00 $12.00

Debut LP from this new surf-rock band out of Rochester, NY. I feel like Reel Time is one of the more underrated labels in the game. While they don't tend to release things that grab the punk zeitgeist, their dedication to top-notch quality and all analog everything all the time stands out in a sea of releases that sometimes feel like they all look and sound the same. The Televisionaries play straight-up retro surf-rock. I don't know a lot about this style (though I do know that it has, somewhat surprisingly a rich history in Rochester) so I can't really comment on specific influences or comparisons, but the whole thing is bathed in that vintage, twangy Fender sound and the recording is absolutely beautiful. I have a hard time believing that in a blind taste taste anyone wouldn't think this was recorded in the 60s. So, yeah, if surf-rock is your thing check this out... it's top-notch.
Tags: 10s melodic punk surf surf-punk