Teengenerate: Live At Shelter 12"

Ugly Pop Records

$8.50 $17.00

Long-needed vinyl release of this smoking Teengenerate live set that was previously released only as a CD in Japan. It's funny, I haven't listened to Teengenerate much over the past few years, but this record made it come back to me immediately what a fresh and important band they were in the 90s, and when they drop into those great choruses I still remember every word. Teengenerate were always pretty raw on record, so the recording quality here is roughly comparable to their studio stuff (maybe even a little better in some respects). As for the performance, it's raw, wild, occasionally slightly out of tune, but absolutely bursting with manic punk energy. If you're a fan of high-energy punk bands like the Carbonas and the Marked Men and you haven't explored the 90s garage scene's greatest bands like Teengenerate and the Registrators this is as good a place as any to start... a totally smokin' set!
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