Tapehead: My Life (Shot on Vid) 7"

Cherish Records


Debut hard vinyl (after an earlier flexi) from this upstate NY punk group. Upstate NY is kind of known (at least in my mind) for producing somewhat left of center groups, and Tapehead definitely fit the bill... there are elements of raw garage-punk, Killed by Death punk, and straight up rock and roll in their sound, but it's all delivered with hardcore speed and intensity. The effect is not unlike a rawer, looser, and crazier version of Annihilation Time, and while they perhaps don't have the songwriting chops of AT they make up for it with the looseness and wildness of their approach. For me, the hit here is the b-side, "Turn Green," which has the same kind of KBD-through-the-lens-of-modern-hardcore sound that makes the best Career Suicide tracks so great.
Tags: 10s garage hardcore punk yoobl