Tapehead: Flexi 7"

Reel Time Records


Very limited (250 copies) debut flexi from this new Rochester, NY band featuring former members of Brown Sugar, Rational Animals, and Love Pork. The sound here is amped-up, old school punk with a rock and roll bent. The label's description drops a Blue Oyster Cult reference, and I actually hear it... this kind of sounds like the first two BOC albums played about 20% faster (and they're pretty fast already!). It's tightly-wound with lots of interesting changes and quirks in the songwriting. I'm reminded of a lot of bands that stand kind of on the edge of garage rock and hardcore... the Shitty Limits, Bad Daddies, Neighborhood Brats... stuff like that. If you're a nut for both the songwriting skill and melodicism of 70s punk and the intensity of 80s hardcore I'd definitely recommend checking this out.
Tags: 10s garage hardcore punk