Talib Kweli: Fuck the Money 12" (new)

Javotti Media

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Brooklyn-based rapper Talib Kweli earned his well earned stripes as one of the most lyrically-gifted, socially aware and politically insightful rappers to emerge in the last 20 years. The issues of police brutality, corporate greed and racial inequality continue to fuel a powerful movement in America today. Never one to mince words, with his latest surprise effort, Fuck The Money, Kweli takes politicians, bankers and the entire capitalist system head on with brilliant results. Includes guest appearances by Miguel, Patrick Stump, Casper Nyovest,Steffanie Christi'an, Kendra Ross, NIKO IS and Ab-Soul plus stellar production fromAmadeus, Farhot, Kaytranada, Abhi//Dijon and The Alchemist. The prophetic verse, "If pursuit of the money is your only goal, then you lose control then you lose your soul," says it all!
Tags: 10s hip-hop yoobl