T Rex: Bolan's Zip Gun 12"

Fat Possum Records


Released in early 1975, BOLAN'S ZIP GUN appeared after T. Rex had been out of the limelight for a period of time. Rumors abounded about the supposed ill health of Marc Bolan, but beyond the rumors was the undeniable fact that T. Rex was no longer the sensation it had been in its early-'70s heyday.Never content to rest on his laurels, Bolan was willing to rework the band's sound, and the songs on ZIP GUN show a bright, slick production that contrasts with classic T. Rex. Bolan still shows a penchant for the feel of early rock & roll, but he pumps up the sound with a chorus of three female back-up singers, handclaps, synthesizer and other sonic embellishments not normally associated with T. Rex. Songs like "Till Dawn" and "Light of Love" sound like classic '50s songs transformed into rock & roll epics, with Bolan's insinuating singing adding the necessary dirty-sweet touch to the mix. Although it fell short of the Top 40, the stomping "Zip Gun Boogie" grooves with classic Bolan swagger.
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