Synthetic ID: Apertures 12"

Erste Theke Tontrí_ger

$5.00 $15.50

Awesome debut 12" from this San Francisco band on a German label. Synthetic ID remind me an awful lot of their fellow San Franciscans in Rank/Xerox... they have the same combination of quirky, post-punk rhythms and punk energy. The label description references Greg Sage, D. Boon, and Colin Newman in a band together, and I can definitely see where they're coming from. Basically, if you like stuff that is energetic and explosive like hardcore, but is a bit more cerebral and complex (e.g. Rank/Xerox, Total Control, White Lung, etc.) then you will love this record. Highly recommended. Erste Theke Tontrí_ger

Tags: 10s bfsale garage melodic post-punk USA