Suzannes: Dutch Punk 1977-78 12"

euro import


The title pretty much says it: apparently inspired by bands like the RAMONES in the US and the BUZZCOCKS in the UK, these 4 guys (none of whom is named Suzanne) made a brief splash in the early Dutch scene with their 1978 six-song 7" on the 1000 Idiots label, before being collected on EMI's "Muziekkrant OOR" live LP in 1978, Epitaph's famous "I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It" collection in 1996, the "First Idiots" CD comp in 1997, and "Killed by Death 1010011010" in 2002. This very full LP has those 6 tracks, plus a whopping 14 more. Limited pressing of 400, Italian import.
Tags: '77&KBD 70s europe netherlands punk reissues