Suss Law / Erradict: Split 7" flexi

Doomed To Extinction Records


4 songs of manic thrash punk. Both bands come from Portland, OR, and are equally insane. Punk as fuck.

Our take: Split flexi (2 songs from each band) from these two Portland bands. Noisy and raw, this is ugly, UGLY music. Both bands are really kind of sloppy, noisy, and nasty in a way that reminds me of the wildest early Italian hardcore like Wretched or CCM mixed with a dash of the more metallic crust sound of bands like Extreme Noise Terror and a hair of Confuse/Gai-style noise punk. It doesn't sound like it was recorded in a toilet (especially impressive considering it's a flexi) and the songs actually feel fairly well thought-out, but there's just no compromise in their attack... not for the faint of heart, for the true punx, the soundtrack to your next glue party, etc.
Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore noise-punk noisy punk raw