Sunday Painters: In My Dreams 12"

What's Your Rupture? Records


Discography 12" from this obscure DIY band from Wollongong, Australia. This collects their 3 45s released between 1978 and 1981, and while you might expect this to be really weird thanks to the relative geographical isolation of Australia, it's incredible how of a piece it sounds with similar UK DIY bands of the time like Desperate Bicycles, the Homosexuals, and Television Personalities. Perhaps there was some knowledge of the burgeoning New Zealand scene as well, as the shambolic pop approach definitely sounds akin to some of the early punk-era recordings that came from that country. If you dig this kind of stuff--primitive drum machines, ramshackle instrumentation, faux-cockney accents, and broken pop melodies--you'll be like a pig in slop listening to this. In addition to a really great mastering job, this also comes with a big fold-out insert that includes an interview with the band from 1984, large-scale reproductions of all of the artwork from their original singles, and a bunch of other photos, flyers, and ephemera.

Tags: 70s australia/nz diy post-punk reissues