Sun Children Sun: S/T 7"

SPHC Records


Description from SPHC: "Describing this record is tough. The obvious starting point is Vi-Vi Punx, but that's an awfully obscure reference. I normally sum it up as "the shit-fi remix of the last Paintbox album", but that doesn't quite do it justice. Perhaps you could say "Naked City lounging around at a beach, sipping iced tea and taking in a nice sunshiny day", but, I dunno, what does that even mean?

Sun Children Sun on these recordings is a rudimentary, minimalist, and eclectic mix of fast hardcore, ska, reggae, and pop-punk. Genius in its uncompromising disregard for style, formula, or expectations, to create a totally wild and unique experience. Overflowing with positive attitude and charisma, shining brightly with fun-loving energy. An irresistible record. Cool and forward-thinking punk music like this always reminds me of all the reasons why I wanted to release records in the first place." SPHC Records
Tags: 80s Japan noisy