Suicide Squad: I Hate School 7"

euro import


Reissue of this Murder Punk banger from 70s Australia. Word on the street is that this pressing sounds even better than the original, and while I can't, unfortunately, make a direct comparison, I can say that these sound approximately 1000x better than the versions on the Murder Punk CD. If you haven't heard Suicide Squad, they play snotty, riff-driven punk that is pretty much perfect in execution. If you dig 70s punk of any stripe you're likely to flip for these two tracks, but this isn't just generic... the level of venom and the quality of the riffs are both off the charts. Also, this is one of those rare singles where the b-side and a-side are of roughly equal caliber, so there's really no reason not to pull the trigger.

Tags: female-fronted garage punk reissues