Suicide Machines: Battle Hymns 12"

Asbestos Records


What is it about punk and ska that makes them such a perfect fit? Is it the anger and rebellion or is it just the visceral thrill of jumping around in a sweaty club? Either way, the combination of the two has been used to great effect in the past and Detroit's The Suicide Machines carry on the tradition with BATTLE HYMNS.The follow up to their critical smash debut DESTRUCTION BY DEFINITION, this album finds The Suicide Machines focusing on the punk side of their sound more than before, but ska always seems to pop its head up at just the right moment to let the CD (and the listener) breathe before the next round of crashing guitar chords hits. Lyrics attacking racism, political corruption and the military-industrial complex are spit out by singer Dan Lukacinsky in his best Green Day-esque pseudo-cockney accent. And with 22 tracks clocking in at just over 31 minutes, TSM obey the most sacred of punk's rules (or is that an oxymoron?): "Thou Shalt Not Wank."
Tags: 90s pop-punk reissues ska-punk yoobl