Suffer the Pain: Midnight Sacrifice 12" (new)

Phobia Records


Death metal tornado inspired by Entombed, Hellhammer or Venom driven by crusty filth alá classic scandinavian hardcore like Anti Cimex or Crude SS. Ladies and gentlemen - debut album from swedish monsters SUFFER THE PAIN is out !!

Our take: Crusty metal or metallic crust? Lately I've noticed a trend of d-beat warriors all simultaneously discovering Celtic Frost, and the addition of primitive metal vibes into the well-trodden d-beat formula has been providing a much-needed injection of fresh blood into the genre. Suffer the Pain are one of the more brazenly metallic bands I've heard, so much so that it's really only the general aesthetic and some fairly minor production decisions that connect them to the d-beat genre at all. Of course this flirtation with metal is a slippery slope... as hardcore virtually became metal in the 90s it lost a lot of its vitality, but right now I'm finding the cross-pollination really interesting, and if Tom G. Warrior and Cal from Discharge both hold keys to your heart then you'll probably be able to squeeze a few spins out of this one too.
Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore metal scandinavia sweden