Subtle Violence: Criminales cassette

Layin' Waste

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Four new tracks to fallow up their 2014 demo. San Jose sons bringing that stomp back to the bay. Members of Bad Times Crew, Spinebreaker and Fade.

Our take: Another killer Bay Area tape release from Layin Waste Records... do ripping hardcore bands just grow on trees there? This one, like the other releases so far, sticks pretty closely to the label's house sound, but there's a bit more of an in-the-pocket, skinhead-hardcore-style stomp to this one. In particular I'm reminded of the mighty 86 Mentality, as well as newer heirs to that sound like Firing Squad, Mercy Killings, and Violent Reaction. If you like this sound you might as well just add this label to your permanent "to buy" list.
Tags: 10s 65804 hardcore ushc yoobl