Subsistench: Plastic Lies cassette

Swollen City Records


Demo tape from this new band out of Montreal, Canada. Man, if this thing were from New York people would be losing their shit for it right now... it kind of reminds me of early 80s Japanese punk on the great ADK label in that it has that chorus-ed-out guitar sound and this mega-mean, lurching quality. It's also quite similar to the very best Fang stuff in that respect, but it's all filtered through a modern DIY hardcore aesthetic that recalls bands like Crazy Spirit, Dawn of Humans, and Lumpy & the Dumpers. The recording quality is a little bit better than what those bands tend to employ, though still quite raw... basically, it sounds big and mean and nasty but you can still hear what all of the instruments are doing. If you're on board with the stuff Toxic State releases, the whole midwest slime punk thing, or basically cool current music in general check this out.

Tags: 10s canada hardcore punk raw