Stupids: Retard Picnic 12"

Boss Tuneage Records


Ipswitch, UK's the Stupids were one of the most unique and interesting hardcore bands of the mid-80s. Heavily influenced by the USHC scene (particularly the early Boston and DC scenes), the Stupids added to that sound a dash of that indigenous UK sense of melody and brilliant, sarcastic lyrics that manage to be funny without being "wacky" (in other words, you'll want to listen to these records more than twice. Boss Tuneage Records has reissued all of the Stupids' full-length records with brilliant gatefold jackets and color vinyl.

Retard Picnic is the band's second album and while most songs follow the straightforward USHC template used on their first LP, there are some more melodic moments (especially the KILLER opening track, "The Memory Burns" that recall I Don't Want to Grow Up-era Descendents, or even the Adolescents' catchier bits. Definitely an essential album.
Tags: 80s reissues UK USHC