Stupids: Demonstration Tape '89 7"

Alonas Dream Records


Compilation of previously-unheard demos recorded just before the band's breakup in 1989. As such, these are much more in the style of the band's later, melodic skate rock-type stuff (i.e. Van Stupid) rather than the USHC-influenced stuff on, say, Violent Nun. Honestly, though, this is the era of the band that I prefer, and if you dig skate rock like Agent Orange and the Faction you may well agree. Apparently there's a whole session of this stuff and some of the songs were resurrected for the band's recent reunion album on Boss Tuneage, but these recordings are pretty much completely unheard until now. Alona's Dream Records

Tags: 80s melodic reissues skate rock UK USHC