Street Eaters: Blood-Muscles-Bones 12"

Nervous Intent Records

$8.00 $16.00

Latest LP from this Bay Area two-piece who seem to be blowing up as of late... and for good reason, as they have a super original and really memorable sound. It's just drums and bass, but the bass is played Lemmy-style with lots of distortion and big chords, so more like a guitar. Honestly, listening to this band's recordings I had no idea they were a two-piece until I saw them live. Musically, it kind of sits in this place between garage-punk and legit pop-punk like Dillinger Four or something like that, but also with a little bit of a sense of 90s experimentation. It almost sounds like something Dischord could put out, but in truth it's way punker than anything Dischord has put out in a very long time. This is the kind of band that I expect will soon grace the cover of Razorcake and play big shows at the Fest... not because they're a carbon copy of an established sound, but because they appeal to that sensibility while doing something new and powerful.

Tags: 10s 65804 bfsale california female-fronted garage melodic minimal weird yoobl