Strangers: Where Do We Go? 7"

Verdugo Discos


Strangers from L.A. present their debut 7” with four tracks that incorporate a mid-tempo vintage punk sound that evoke some quintessential L.A. bands from the past. Listening to these songs almost make you feel that you are spinning a lost Dangerhouse recording of some sort. Not to be lost by comparing them with something from the past--- Strangers are one of the most distinct and original sounding bands currently in L.A. with timeless guitar riffs accompanied by great bass lines their songs are brought together by Gabby’s insanely catchy vocals. A must have for those keeping track with what the L.A. DIY punk scene has been doing lately. Risographed covers and art done by Abe Social.

Our take: The latest dispatch from the excellent Verdugo Discos (who previously brought us excellent releases from Tozcos and Fumigados, among others) is this debut EP from LA's Strangers. This is billed by the label as having a Dangerhouse-esque sound, and I have to say that's right on the money. So many bands make that reference, but Strangers seem to "get" some aspects of the vintage Dangerhouse sound that so many other modern bands don't. Maybe it's the way the songs are just a little more upbeat than you expect them to be, maybe it's the particularly agile vocal melodies, but this sounds like it could be a long-lost demo by the Eyes or a similar band. Perfect production, great songs, strong layout/presentation... what's not to like? Definitely one of my favorites of this month.
Tags: '77&KBD 10s female-fronted melodic punk recommended yoobl