Strange Faces: demo cassette

Commodity Tapes


Upbeat and melodic punk from Oakland. Somewhere between Gorilla Angreb and The Brat. Members of the New Flesh and The Guts.

Our take: Demo cassette from this tough-sounding punk band out of Oakland. The label's description references Gorilla Angreb and the Brat and I definitely see those reference points, and they're good ones for upbeat, tough-sounding punk with a powerful woman on vocals. However, I don't think this sounds quite so retro as that seems to indicate. Mostly that's because the guitars tend to barrel along at a heavier clip, particularly when compared to the starker, more post-punk-informed guitar work that I think of as characterizing Gorilla Angreb. Instead, Strange Faces to me are more in the Avengers / Vexx mold of powerful, melodic, and propulsive punk, with the bubbly bass lines an extra little bit of icing on the cake. A pretty raw recording for this style, too, so if that's your preference grab this now, or if it's not wait for them to maybe clean up their act a little bit whenever they make it to vinyl.
Tags: 10s female-fronted melodic punk yoobl