Straightjacket Nation: Live on PBS 12"

No Patience Records

$5.00 $11.50

I've always been a huge fan of live-on-the-radio sets from punk bands... it's like the best parts of the studio performance and the live show, and this definitely leads me to hold on to that assumption, because it's probably the best Straightjacket Nation record I've heard. They've always repped Cleveland bands super hard, but I've never really heard it in their sound so much on this release. This serious sounds like the product of a one-of H100s / Gordon Solie collaboration LP, and aside from the vox being slightly slow in the mix the recording is as big and powerful as you would expect from any HC band's studio recordings. Definitely not some throwaway live record... if you dig SJN you need this record. No Patience Records

Tags: 10s Australia/NZ gb325 USHC yoobl