Straight Razor: S/T 7"

React! Records


Straight Razor is New Bedford's preeminent hardcore outfit, cutting deep with 8 new tracks of razor sharp snarl. Featuring members of The Rival Mob, CIAC, Wolf Whistle and Raindance.

Our take: Debut 7" from this new straight edge (I assume) hardcore band from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Brendan from Rival Mob is on vocals and if you're a fan of the 'Mob or Battle Ruins you'll recognize his distinctive vocals immediately, but Straight Razor are a bit different band. My main criticism with a lot of these types of bands is that they're often a bit too beholden to their influences, but Straight Razor sound really fresh to my ears. There's a bit of the mega-catchy mosh riffs of the Rival Mob, some blistering, Straight Ahead-style fast parts, and a couple of NYHC-style dive-bombs. It's not really a hodge-podge, though... Straight Razor are that rare hardcore band who sound like they've really digested their influences and come up with a sound that's pretty distinctive. It might be a little polished for some people (it sounds pretty pro even though the liner notes say it was recorded on a 4-track), but if you're a fan of the Rival Mob you'll love this... of course Brendan's vocals are totally unique and the band is blistering. If you follow the Rival Mob or the bands associated with Painkiller Records you'll definitely want to check this out.
Tags: 10s boston hardcore oi! ushc