Stone Dagger: Siege of Jerusalem 7"

Electric Assault Records


Vinyl repress of a long-gone cassingle by another mysterious band out of Boston. Stone Dagger features three of the most prominent figures in the modern Boston scene (Brendan Radigan, Justin DeTorre, and Chris Corry) playing a sort of raw, slightly askew NWOBHM-influenced sound. Thanks to Brendan's vocals it bears more than a passing resemblance to Battle Ruins, but with the oi! element of that band's sound systematically removed. There are a lot of bands around these days doing a retro take on NWOBHM, but what I like about Stone Dagger is that they have the kind of raw, slightly ramshackle, very DIY quality that so many of those great NWOBHM bands had before they got signed and got big... it's sort of proudly second-rate in that way, but like KBD punk the charm is in its raw and slightly off-kilter quality. Definitely a really strong single.

Tags: 10s bfsale boston melodic metal nwobhm