Stoic Violence: S/T 12"

Video Disease Records


Well, usually it's considered a bit gauche to move straight from demo to LP, but LA's State Violence get a pass 1. because the band is composed of a bunch of all-stars who have been around the block a few times, and 2. because this absolutely RIPS! Perfect, fist-pumping hardcore with no pretense or gimmicks. For the music, the comparison I can't seem to get out of my head is Bad Posture... like that band, Stoic Violence tend to play in this perfect in-the-pocket tempo that makes you want to bang your head and/or shake your fist, but they aren't also afraid to add in a few ripping fast parts (or occasionally entire songs) for emphasis and/or variety. The vocals, on the other hand, remind me a bit of Chris Erba from H100s / Avon Ladies... they're at the same time unhinged, discernible, and catchy. This is absolutely top shelf hardcore right here... whether you're a shut-in who spends all of his or her time playing original copies of classic USHC 7"s in your basement, or if you're a newfangled internet Hoax_fan, you'll almost certainly dig this. Highly recommended. Video Disease / Katorga Works