Stitches in My Head #9 zine



Top notch new issue of SIMH after a move from Cleveland to Toronto. This issue is heavy on the Clevo coverage, featuring an interview with PERVERTS AGAIN, top fives with Paul Schlacter, and reviews of some recent Cleveland punk films. Also included are interviews with MUFF DIVERS, DIGITAL OCTOPUS, and VOICE FROM INSIDE TAPES, a rock'n'roll radio feature, tour diaries from ROYAL HEADACHE and SCAB EATER, plus a heaping of reviews, photos, and more.

Our take: Based on reading a lot of music zines very closely, it seems like they're often born not so much out of wanting to document something that's actually happening, but rather willing something into existence that isn't actually happening yet. I'm thinking in particular of that rash of Australian zines from the mid-00s... they were mostly about American music, and when those zines described the Australian scene it just seemed so... boring. Of course that has totally changed now as Australia has one of the hottest scenes in the world, but you take my point. Anyway, Stitches in My Head is a zine that started out in Australia but the editor/author Christina has since moved to Cleveland and now to Toronto. Interestingly, rather than that sense of frustration, of willing a scene into existence from virtually nothing, this particular issue feels like there's so much happening and the author can barely keep up. Cleveland has always been a fertile scene, and this issue is devoted mostly to engaging with it, though there is a long section on the recent Maggotfest in Australia. It's packed with content, it's well written, and it gives a rare first-hand glance into a scene that has, traditionally, been severely under-documented. What's not to love?
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