Stimulators: Loud Fast Rules 12" (new)

ROIR Records


One of the first and most committed punk bands on the New York scene, the Stimulators were regulars in the flamboyant, electric days at Max’s Kansas City and CBGB’s. A shifting scene of drummers, including Jerry Nolan (NY Dolls, Heartbreakers) and Johnny Blitz (Dead Boys) finally resulted in charismatic bare-chested Harley Flanagan (Cro-Mags, MOI, Murphy’s Law!) – then 11 years old: and a resultant rabid fan club of the youngest rock ‘n ‘rollers on the East Coast, who introduced slam dancing, pit slamming and punk pogoing to NYC’s blase art rock community.

Essentially the Stims are to the East Coast thrash history what the Germs were to Los Angeles – one of the first influential hardcore/punk bands. However, the Stimulators, who originate the anthemic punk slogan “Loud Fast Rules!”, have gone on to incorporate a mixture of punk/heavy metal/reggae. Featuring the young drummer Harley Flanagan, glamour boy bassist Nick Marden, Patrick Mack – astringent vocals and songwriter-lead guitarist Denise Mercedes.

A long awaited re-issue on vinyl of the celebrated 1982 ROIR cassette, the Stimulators’ Loud Fast Rules! is more than just a record; it’s a piece of New York punk history. The band’s only full-length work (amongst a handful of coveted 7”s) is a must have record for any self-respecting punk’s collection!
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