Stick Men With Ray Guns: Grave City 12"

End of an Ear Records


Together for the first time, here is every single studio track that was ever recorded by Stick Men With Ray Guns along with the two live tracks (plus one bonus track) as originally released on the four compilations: A Texas Trip, Live at the Hot Klub, Cottage Cheese From the Lips of Death, and Tales From the Edge Volumes 5 & 6. Each track has been restored and remastered for this release by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering in Austin, Texas.

Our take: Collection LP from this early Dallas, Texas punk band. While they never had an official vinyl release of their own back in the day, they have remained a cult band thanks to a legendary live show, a couple of compilation appearances (like a track on the great Cottage Cheese from the Lips of Death LP), and a general interest in the early Texas punk scene. If you are interested in that scene the Stick Men seem like a necessary part of the puzzle, as they certainly fit in with the weird and occasionally confrontational sound of other early Texas bands like the Butthole Surfers and the Dicks, combining the confrontational posture of the former with the primitive but memorable songcraft of the latter. They were great at a kind of grinding, dirge-y yet still catchy punk style that reminds me of No Trend or Flipper at their very best, and I'm sure if they had had an official release back in the day they would be regarded at least as highly as bot of those bands. While this collection LP doesn't have the over the top frills of, say, a Radio Raheem release, it looks and sounds like an album that could have been released way back when, and for me that's a best-case scenario when you're digging up an under-appreciated band like this.
Tags: 80s gb325 hardcore punk reissues texas weird