Stereolab: The Groop Played Space Age Bachelor Pad Music 12"

Too Pure Records


Released in 1993, nearly two years before the smirky lounge revival made "Space Age Bachelor Pad Music" (a phrase most often attributed to journalist Byron Coley to describe Esquivel and similar '50s artists) common hipster currency, this EP has little in common with Esquivel or Martin Denny. Humorously divided into "EZ Listening" and "New Wave" sides, THE GROOP... is Stereolab's most experimental work, featuring the band's twin obsessions--krautrock-derived electronic minimalism and lush pop owing much to both Brian Wilson and Ray Conniff.The two styles are presented separately, in relatively short pieces, rather than combined into the lengthy sonic melanges of their other albums. Most of the brief pieces, such as the two title tracks--each subtitled "Mellow" and "Foamy"--work best in the context of the whole, but some of the longer songs, particularly the sarcastic "Ronco Symphony" and "We're Not Adult-Orientated," are among the prolific band's best.
Tags: 90s indie melodic reissues