Static Is a City: S/T 7"

Ideas Records

$1.00 $5.50

Debut single from this new band out of North Carolina featuring former members of loads of bands like Dahlia Seed and Milemarker. These guys play gritty, intense music that falls in this weird little spot that I'm not even sure we have a genre name for at the moment... it's very 90s in a Fugazi / Drive Like Jehu kind of mold with super angular guitars, an aggressive rhythm section, and vocals that are somewhere between punk and really intense indie. Like Static Is a City, the above-mentioned bands don't really sound like a lot of punk bands these days, yet you listen to them and you know instantly that they are punk. At any rate, if you like it '90s this is one you want to hear.

Tags: 10s 65804 melodic north carolina post-hardcore post-punk yoobl