Stab: Stab Nation Rising 7"

Painkiller Records


US pressing on Painkiller. Here's what I had to say about the first pressing: After an extremely well-received demo, here's the debut 7" from London's Stab. These guys have garnered a lot of comparisons to Ripcord during their short existence, though listening to this 7" that comparison only seems to go about as far as the vocals. I hear a lot of influence here... there's some blistering fast stuff, some mid-paced, fist-pumping riffs, and it even reminds me of Discharge's Why? 12" in the way that the guitars seem to glide over the top of everything. As anyone following this band closely probably expects, this is some extremely well-thought-out, well-written HC with all of the requisite rawness in the production. Absolutely killer, and if you dug their demo you'll probably agree with me that this blows it away.

Tags: fast uk