Sseepage: Depelted Sseepage 12"

Coaxt Records

$8.50 $12.00

Debut LP from this new band out of Austin, Texas, that features a bunch of ex-members of tons of old (particularly 90s) hardcore bands. This is a weird one, and if you're in the habit of listening mostly to retro-sounding hardcore it almost certainly isn't going to be for you. Sseepage, while definitely still hardcore, remind me more of the music made by people who grew up with the hardcore scene, but have gone on to do something a little more ambitious musically while still incorporating elements of that sound. I'm thinking of bands like Wrangler Brutes or Baader Brains... bands that, on the surface, might sound like hardcore bands, but they don't seem to be in the same conversation as most of the music Sorry State carries. It's like they're speaking to another audience, and hardcore has something to say to that audience but it's only part of the message (or maybe the medium?). That probably doesn't make sense, but this is a real mind-bender, and if you're into the aforementioned bands or more outsider-y recent stuff like Gutter Gods or Soma Coma this is definitely in a similar vein.

Tags: 10s hardcore noise punk noisy yoobl