Split Veins: S/T 12"

Godzilla Records


Debut album bu 2/3rds of NAILBITER picking up where they left their previous band. 8 Distorted hardcore punk tracks with lots of delay which takes BOTH the golden era of Japanese and Sweden hardcore as template. One of the best London releases in a long time.

Our take: Man, what a ripper! From what I gather, Split Veins is a new band featuring 2/3 of Nailbiter, and while this 12" is technically self-released, it seems to be (at least from my perspective) a de facto La Vida Es Un Mus release as Paco seems to be the one distributing it and actively encouraging people to check it out. It certainly fits with the LVEUM aesthetic in terms of both sound and level of quality, both in its music and visual presentation. Anyway, this is very much a d-beat / crust record, but it's a very interesting one. Like the more interesting d-beat bands these days (I'm mostly referring to Paranoid), Split Veins seem to incorporate influences from proto-black metal like Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. Not only do they spice up their d-beats with the lurching rhythms of the Swiss masters, but there's also a sophistication to the interaction of the bass and guitar parts that is really unique... it straddles, dances across, and occasionally ignores the "primitive/sophisticated" divide in a way that, again, is wholly Frost-ian. If you're looking for a bunch of Cimex-influenced riffs and rhythms of course there's a lot of that here too, but the way forward in d-beat right now seems to be incorporating these metallic influences. Oh, and I also have to mention that this is one of the most well-recorded, mixed, and mastered records I've heard in a while... the tones on every instrument (particularly the drums) are awesome, and the recording manages to balance power and clarity perfectly. Highly recommended!
Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore punk recommended sweden yoobl