Spine: Time Has Gone 12"

Bad Teeth Records


After a couple of rad 7"s (including a split with the Repos where they managed to hold their own against that juggernaut), here's the debut 12" from Kansas City's Spine. If you haven't heard Spine before, the Repos are a pretty good reference point... they play blistering metallic hardcore that I guess fits broadly into the Infest-inspired tradition (since there are both blistering fast parts as well as tough-sounding, mid-tempo parts that are good for moshing), but this is definitely not some overly-polished neo-powerviolence. Instead, the recording here is scrappy, raw and totally punk... so many bands like this really fail to capture the live energy level on vinyl, but this one explodes out of the speakers and is a total rush from start to finish. Quite the rager!

Tags: 10s fast hardcore midwest sxe