Sourvein: Aquatic Occult 12" (new)

Metal Blade Records

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For over two decades, Sourvein frontman T-Roy has managed to keep the roving pirate ship that is his band afloat through sheer will alone. Pushing through poverty, the deaths of friends and family, bouts of severe depression, periods of alcohol abuse, and an absence of the stability provided by a consistent record label, T-Roy has over the course of two decades managed to build the band into a highly respected force in the metal, doom, sludge, and crust underground. Over twenty long dues-paying years later, Sourvein has at long last found a proper home for their doom-laden Southern noise with Metal Blade Records. The band's upcoming full-length and Metal Blade debut, Aquatic Occult, will reveal itself to the masses in April 2016. Aquatic Occult was produced by Mike Dean and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Yob).
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