Soul Craft: The Legacy 7" (new)

General Speech Records


5 fresh tracks of traditional Japanese Hardcore from Soul Craft, who have been the HC stalwarts of Kumamoto City, Japan for the last 17 years. Fast and tight hardcore with even faster ripping solos, gang choruses and all the trappings of traditional 90's Japanese HC style. This is their first full EP in 10 years since their Reverse Sorrow EP on Bloodsucker, and it does not disappoint! 7" + free pro CD version

Our take: I remember having Soul Craft's Absolute Suspicion record many years ago... turns out that came out way back in 2003, and here a mere 13 years later we finally get the follow-up record. I love the leisurely pace at which Japanese bands tend to put out material. It's a nice change of pace from that way that so many American bands seem desperate to push out product. Anyway, not a lot has changed in the intervening 13 years for Soul Craft. They still play a burly, traditional style of Japanese hardcore. The base of the sound--heavy guitars, driving rhythms, and gruff, almost gargled vocals--are very much ere, but Soul Craft have some aspects of their sound that make them unique as well, namely their faster-than-expected, Nightmare-esque tempos and some really cool, totally chaotic lead guitar that reminds me of some of my favorite Slayer solos. The drumming is maybe not as in the pocket as I would prefer--it has that 90s, dunka-dunka kind of sound--but all in all this is quite the little ripper.
Tags: 10s burning spirits crust hardcore japan recommended yoobl