Soma Coma: Dust 12"

Cool Death Distort Records

$5.00 $16.00

Debut LP from this noisy and nasty Australian hardcore band that's gotten a lot of hype in Australian zinester circles. This is certainly some wild stuff... it's pretty much full-bore, everything-on-11 noise punk in the vein of earlier Zyanose, but faster and with a little more variation in the songwriting, incorporating elements of pogo-punk and more straightforward hardcore. For some reason Australia has a knack for churning out very engaging vocalists, and this guy's rabid chihuahua style is nothing if not distinctive. If you're looking for something catchy and pleasant on the ears then look elsewhere, because this is all manic energy and treble. However, if you like your hardcore as wild, primitive, and abrasive as possible this is one you should check out.

Tags: 10s 65804 hardcore punk yoobl