Sokea Piste: Ajatus Karkaa 12"

Kamaset Levyt Records

$6.00 $11.00

Debut 12" from this new Finnish band featuring members of the might Kykloppien Sukkupputto. KS's debut 12" was one of my absolute favorite hardcore records of the past decade, but i wasn't too enthused on their later material. it turns out that they were saving it for this record, I guess... holy s***, this thing is a monster. It kind of reminds me of something like Double Negative in the way that you can't pinpoint the exact subgenre this is working in. There are elements of d-beat, straightforward hardcore, noise rocky, spazzy HC like Die Kreuzen, and even lots of post-punk touches. The thing that unites it all is that it is completely raging and the guitar-playing is nothing short of brilliant. I know I'm prone to effusiveness in these descriptions, but holy s*** this is one of the records of the year, without a doubt. Essential. Kí_mí_set Levyt Records

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