Sodom: Persecution Mania 12" (new)

Wax Maniax


After Venom, uncompromising German thrash metal pioneers Sodom served as one of the music world's first truly angry bands, their brutal and diverse sonic brew chock full of harsh arrangements, melodic solos and raging vocal attacks.Sodom intimidated the scene at large from the very beginning and Wax Maniax honors their early legacy by packaging two of the thrash metal giants' breakthrough 1987 efforts - the Expurse Of Sodomy EP and second album Persecution Mania- together in one limited edition 2LP-set for the first time!

Our take: Wax Maniax continues their reissues of the legendary German band Sodom's discography, this time compiling Persecution Mania with the Expurse of Sodomy EP (released in the same year, 1987) into one raging double LP. I've always much preferred their pre-Agent Orange material as it seems to have much more in common with proto-black metal like Venom and Hellhammer than the more finely-tuned thrash that would reach its apex with Agent Orange, and in many ways Persecution Mania is the culmination of that sound. While the vocals may not be as immediately powerful as those of the aforementioned bands, the hypnotic, trance-like aspect of their sound (which would prove extremely influential to the Norweigan black metal bands) are in full effect here. A full-on classic any way you slice it.
Tags: 80s metal recommended reissues thrash metal