Soda Boys: Burgers & Fries 7"

Total Punk Records


Top notch American rock n roll, in the spirit of the almighty Gizmos and Dictators, from the world’s #1 Soda Pop band. Two tracks off of their self titled demo on Lumpy Records about burgers and fries, girls, and doghouse regret. Shredding guitars, vocal hooks galore and 100% TOTAL PUNK.

Our take: Another two-song single from Total Punk, and while many of their recent releases have been more or less hardcore, this one is much more in the traditional garage-punk mold. That said, things are suitably raw and energetic, but Soda Boys also have a heaping helping of melody and more than enough of that Stones / Real Kids / Oblivians swagger to get them a few mentions on the TermBo message board. This kind of thing can overstay its welcome to me if it's too long, too slick, or too poppy, but this is a short and sweet little jammer.
Tags: 10s 77&KBD garage punk