So Hideous: Laurestine 12"

Prosthetic records

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Prosthetic Records presents Laurestine, the second full-length album by So Hideous. Laurestine is a masterpiece of sound and feeling that delivers on past promises and confirms the New York City band to be a true leader in its field. Before Laurestine there was the debut album Last Poem/First Light, a 2013 self-release which wowed the underground with its balance of blackened angst and rich musicality, and with its use of an actual orchestra an choir in the recording process. Comparisons to Envy, Celeste, and composers like Arvo Part and Ennio Morricone abounded, the term "post-metal" appeared to be the only phrase broad enough to encompass the band's unique mix of black metal, post-hardcore, and orchestral elements.
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