Snor: Totalna Clsza 7" (new)

adult crash records


Primitive and nasty reverby Malmö raw punk!
Reissue of their 6 track demo tape. Comes in a nice silk screened cover.

Our take: 7" reissue of this demo by this killer new Swedish band. Kind of falling in the fertile space between Kyushu-style noise punk and more traditional hardcore, if Snor were from New York and had slightly rawer production they wouldn't be out of place on Toxic State Records. I'd hate to reduce them to a soundalike band, though, because even if Snor might fit comfortably on a bill with La Misma or Nandas, they are definitely a powerful force in their own right. If you're into the sound of the aforementioned bands or if you just like to keep a particularly close eye on what's happening in Swedish punk then this will be a solid addition to your playlist.
Tags: 10s female-fronted hardcore pogo-punk recommended sweden