Snake Handler: Enjoy the View 7"

Foreign Legion Records

$2.50 $5.00

Disgusting, disjointed hardcore from mutated Chicago freaks. Equal parts Poison Idea and Sheer Terror with a nihilistic outlook. This is music from legit fuck-ups who are somehow keeping their heads above water.

Our take: Debut vinyl from this Chicago hardcore band. I remember seeing their name around quite a bit on various message boards and things for a while, but I haven't heard much from them lately. Sound-wise they seem to have a lot of different influences, but integrated into a fairly seamless whole. On first listen it can sound like fairly straightforward hardcore, but listen closely and you'll hear some pretty inspired guitar riffing in particular, working some little thrash metal licks and dissonant, Die Kreuzen-esque chords into the fast, dense hardcore foundation. Like a lot of midwestern hardcore this is straightforward, unpretentious, and anything but flashy, but if you value that solid, workmanlike aesthetic this is worth checking out.
Tags: 10s 65804 hardcore midwest ushc yoobl