Smart Cops: Per Proteggere E Servire 12"

Sorry State Records

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Finally, a long-player from the almighty Smart Cops! Already known worldwide for crafting some of the most infectious, hook-filled hardcore in the world, Italy's Smart Cops up the catchiness ante even further on their first slab of big vinyl. While the foundation is still based on tough and aggressive 80s hardcore, the band's songwriting chops have matured considerably, and while it might be shocking at first to hear these guys with such big, glossy production, you'll quickly realize that this release takes everything you already loved about Smart Cops and turns it up to 11. (Note: due to licensing issues this LP does not come with a free mp3 download.)

Listen to the track "Vesciche In Guerra:"

Vesciche In Guerra by sorrystaterecords
Tags: 10s Europe melodic yoobl