Smart Boys: RSVP 7"

Deranged Records

$2.00 $5.25

Debut single from this new project featuring Mike and Jonah from F***ed Up. Musically, this isn't terribly far away from some of the more recent FU stuff (though the thing it resembles the most is the band's fake compilation released on Record Store Day a few years ago), the melodic vocals make this entirely different beast. Deranged's description references both the Professionals and Northern Irish power pop, and both of those are appropriate reference points. I also hear a lot of Glen Matlock's great post-Sex Pistols band the Rich Kids. If you dig the kind of hooky, semi-mainstream '77 punk like the aforementioned bands or the Buzzccocks, Protex, etc. this is quite a cracking little single. Deranged Records

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