Slugz: S/T 12"

Feel It Records


Long in the works debut LP from this Virginia punk band featuring members of a slew of Richmond hardcore and punk bands like Southside Stranglers, Nightstalker, Cretins, and many more I'm sure. This is definitely more punk than hardcore, though... on their earlier records I think Slugz were going for more of a '77/KBD kind of thing, but this time around the tempos are a little faster, the vocals are a little grittier, and the recording is quite a bit stronger. I think that if someone just put this on and I didn't know what it was I would assume that it was from Japan in the 90s... it definitely has the amped-up, high-energy rock and roll vibe of classics like the Teengenerate and the Registrators, and the kind of garbled vocals even sound at times like the singer has a Japanese accent. Aside from maybe Louder and the Black and Whites (both of whom are slightly more on the melodic, UK '77 end of the spectrum), I can't think of any band in the world (Japan included) who are doing this style this well... if your idea of heaven is the combination of garage-punk hooks and hardcore energy you need to get this now.

Tags: 10s garage punk recommended richmond