Slí_a Knivar / Kní_gt: Split 7"

Sista Versen


Split 7" from these two bands out of Malmo, Sweden. We've heard from Sloa Knivar before with the gnarly, lady-fronted take on angry early 80s USHC. Due to the vocals this reminds me a lot of Sin 34, but about a million times angry, and with much better production and more interesting song structures. It also bears a bit of resemblance to some of the early Libyans stuff from back when they were pretty much a straight up hardcore band and hadn't really let too much pop creep into their sound yet. As for Knaegt, this is the first I've heard from them and they have kind of a crossover-influenced punk sound... they remind me of Annihilation Time a bit in that they seem very, VERY into RKL, but kind of mix that sound with a little bit of rock riffage and a kind of No Way Records-type hardcore sensibility... fans of AT, Holier than Thou? or Night Fever will definitely flip over this.

Tags: 10s crossover female-fronted hardcore Scandinavia sweden ushc