Slimy Member: S/T 7"

Todo Destruido Records


Just like most cities, there's a new generation of kids and lots of new bands have been popping up. Dallas is no exception, and Slimy Member is one of those bands. Slimy Member play dark/anarcho/punk. The main reason this band really stood out to me amongst the many goth/post punk/dark bands(whatever) is because even though they have elements of those sounds, they still maintain to sound punk through the whole thing. The band reminds me of a mix between Exit-Stance and 80's L.A/OC Punk. After a demo tape and a U.S tour, this is their debut 7". Limited to 500 copies/pocket sleeve.

Our take: After a standout demo cassette and a big tour in support of it, here's the debut vinyl from Texas's Slimy Member. Slimy Member definitely have a goth-y, post-punk-influenced element to their sound, but they're several notches above the often weak-sauce modern stuff that gets tagged with that genre descriptor (which you might expect given that this is released on the excellent Todo Destruido label). It seems like a lot of bands in this ilk make kind of purposefully boring, meandering music in the interest of creating a dark vibe, but Slimy Member just sound like an honest-to-goodness punk band with genuinely dark overtones... my favorite song, "Dark Rooms," for instance, sounds kind of like Christian Death covering a song from the first Adolescents LP (and yeah, I know both bands had the same guitarist). If you're looking for a more modern comparison, this also isn't too far away from what Anasazi is doing, but it's much more clearly produced (though still raw) and much, much catchier... maybe if you split the difference between the new LPs from Anasazi and Institute you'd have something like the sound of this EP? Regardless of whether these long-winded comparisons mean anything to you, this is a killer little EP with great artwork to boot... definitely gets my recommendation!

PS: Jeff also just pointed out that this sounds a LOT like Part 1's Funeral Parade EP.

Tags: 10s goth-punk post-punk recommended texas yoobl