Slimy Member: Demo Cassette

Punk Alive Records


Very cool demo cassette from this new band out of Dallas, Texas. I expected from the band name that this would be a bit goofy, but Slimy Member seem totally serious to me, playing a killer, slightly dark style of straight up punk with elements of a lot of different microgenres like USHC, anarcho-punk, post-punk, and goth. It's all grafted to a firmly punk template, and what this ends up sounding like to me as a more DIY, somewhat more adventurous version of kind of "dark" early 80s punk bands like TSOL, Rikk Agnew-era Christian Death, early Social Distortion, and the like... you know, the kinds of bands that could play on a bill with Adolescents or Battalion of Saints, but would probably show up wearing eyeliner. While there are loads of bands around doing the post-punk thing, I can't think of anyone out there who really sounds like this at all. The songwriting is great, the vocals are really charismatic, and it's all-around just a really great demo.

Tags: 10s goth-punk hardcore melodic punk