Sleater-Kinney: All Hands On The Bad One 12"

Sub Pop Records


Sleater-Kinney embodies the perfect Pacific Northwest post-grunge punk-pop band. Combining the raw power of the Stooges with a dash of the arty dissonance of Sonic Youth and the riot-grrrl personality of the Olympia scene, the female trio's consistently intriguing albums have earned it accolades as the cream of indie-punk.With the band's fifth release, ALL HANDS ON THE BAD ONE, Corrin, Carrie and Janet continue to build on the bare-bones hurricane of sound they established on the previous four. Despite enough attention to easily warrant other options, Sleater-Kinney here remains on stalwart independent Kill Rock Stars for a third album. From the banshee punk cry of "Male Model," to the dizzy noodling of "Milkshake N' Honey," and the off-kilter pop sensibilities of "Pompeii," the band keeps its rough-edged sound intact. No major changes here; just rock & roll.
Tags: 90s female-fronted gb325 indie reissues riot grrl yoobl